Influential Cardinal: Church in Front of “Epochal Change”, Must Choose “Way Forward”

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx who is leading his archdiocese into an epochal crisis, said during a July 3 diocesan reception with 600 guests, among them Bavaria's prime-minister, that “we sense that there is an epochal change.”

[However, Marx’ "changes" only consist in an epochal decadence, caused by too much money and incompetent bishops.]

"I don't think the Church will disappear," Marx insisted. In June he ordained two priests for the over 1.5 million Catholics of his archdiocese.

He claimed that “orientation can only be in Jesus Christ, in the Gospel,” although he even ignors the Gospel’s prohibition of adultery.

Referring to the German de facto synod (“Synodal Way”), Marx explained that it will talk about “things that were previously taboo” [while today the Gospel and Catholic Faith are taboo].

Nevertheless, Marx believes that the “way forward” will prevail. One can presume that it will be consistent with what the German bishops have done so far leading their Church into an unmitigated disaster.

Marx belongs to the Council of Cardinals and has a huge influence on Pope Francis.

Picture: © Kiderle, Pressebild, #newsRjybrqodkw
Cardinal after cardinal leading the sheep to hell. Repent while there is time.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
The only way n forward known to Marx is toward the all you can eat buffet.
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