Francis’ Church Is Becoming Totalitarian – Cardinal Burke

If Pope Francis has lied about his knowledge of the McCarrick case, then he needs to give an answer, Cardinal Raymond Burke told EWTN (May 30).

Burke longs for a “concise, direct and eminently clear declaration" regarding this matter.

He further stressed that Islam is a form of government which will eventually be imposed on those countries which indiscriminately welcome so many Muslims, once the immigrants become the majority.

Burke also commented on the scholar and convert John Rist, 83, who was banned from entering any Pontifical University in the world because he signed the April letter listing Francis' heresies.

Noticing that Rist was condemned in secrecy Burke said that we have fallen "into a kind of totalitarian mentality where people are exercising authority without speaking with the person involved.”

To treat Rist, an esteemed, learned and devout Catholic, in this way is for Burke “completely unacceptable.”


The pope will not reply but he has spoken on the subject to a Spanish journalist and at his news talk returning from Romania today, in metaphors of "ashes, roots, tradition" he indicated that he is correct and not his detractors
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Needs to give an answer?? That's his solution?? Did Cardinal Burke forget about the Dubia? How about Cardinal Burke sign the letter. Start there. Stop wasting time allowing this apostate to continue to destroy the Church.
Needs to tell the truth, resign, move to the Argentine Church in Antarctica (yes there is one there) He can preach to the penguins. and 2 more users like this. likes this.
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