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Later John Paul I Was In Favour Of Birth Control Pill

Albino Luciani, the later John Paul I (+1978), wrote as Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, before the publication of Humanae Vitae, that he was in favour of contraception.

The Italian bishops’ daily Avvenire (June 13) published different unpublished statements of Luciani.

Luciani claimed, for instance, that natural law [allegedly] does not forbid contraception as the term “nature” should not be used too narrowly. He argued that nature itself knows infertile times like lactation or menopause.

After Paul VI published Humanae Vitae, Luciani however publicly acknowledged the ban on contraception.

Picture: Paul VI, Albino Luciani, #newsHypdvmpblz
It should be remembered how long he was allowed to be pope.
Before the pill existed we were still against birth control, Yes ?
Dr Bobus
For many* the debate before HV was not about contraception in se but rather whether using the pill, which produced physiological changes in the woman, was contraception.

* Including Charles de Koninck, the mentor of Ralph McInerny and many of the founders of Thomas Aquinas College.