Francis Bishop: Reformation Was "Event Of The Holy Spirit"

“The reform started by Martin Luther 500 years ago was an event of the Holy Spirit“ according to Bishop Nunzio Galantino, 69, the secretary-general of the Italian Bishops’ Conference who was handpicked by Pope Francis.

Galantino uttered his words at the Roman Lateran [Lutheran?] University according to Il Timone (October 19).


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Correction, Francis. The Revolt was an event of the demonic spirits.
Is the picture above supposed to be Pope Francis?
Angie W.
Magisterium of the Catholic Church
5. Excommunication ipso facto for those who favor heretics.
Incurs in excommunication ipso facto all those who consciously dare to welcome, defend or favor the deviants or give them credit, or divulge their doctrines; are considered infamous, and are not admitted to public or private functions, nor in Councils or Synods, nor in General or Provincial Councils, nor in the Conclave of Cardinals, or in any meeting of the faithful or in any other election.
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Other popes chose to say that Martin Luther ,was under other spirit not the Holy Spirit