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Pope Francis Has Asked for the Filial Correction

The September Correction of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia “is consistent with the Pope’s repeated invitation to dialogue”, said Fr Nicola Bux, a liturgist close to Benedict XVI, to La Fede Quotidiana (October 5). He added, “The Pontifex has asked fair and open debate and used the Greek word parresia which means speaking clearly.”

Picture: Nicola Bux, #newsQpqyzqdjvo

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Maccabean Uprising
@Temperance... maybe it's not the Church! Maybe it's the Whore of Babylon. By their fruits you shall know them. Perhaps all that is left of the Church are the Traditional Catholics who are not in communion with Rome?
If Pope Francis asked for the Filial Correction he has a strange to way to answer it , by keeping silent
This is crazy! The church at the moment speaks anything but clearly. Where the hell is the church going?! I feel like I am looking into a large basket of apples. It used to have a lot of beautiful ripe apples but now its mostly filled rotten apples. Please, God, toss out the bad ones before all the apples become rotten!
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