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Cardinal Kasper Claims, „No Essential Differences Between Catholics and Protestants”

According to the misbelieving German Cardinal Walter Kasper “nowadays there are no more significant differences between Protestant and Catholic Christians”, reports. Kasper said on Tuesday …
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My twin brother is an Anglican vicar. He is talking utter nonsense.
Really, Cardinal? Protestants don't believe in the real presence but Catholics do (I'm not sure about you, though). Protestants don't venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholics do. What about you , cardinal? I could go on but you get the point. I believe you have the faith of the protestants.
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"No essential difference between Vatican II catholics and protestants." Fixed if for you there Cardinal. And for once this heretic is right.
Cardinal Kasper, I'd like you to meet Dr David Anders and his program
"Called to Communion"
...or perhaps you would like to watch "Journey Home" with Marcus
Hear the conversion stories of Steve Ray, Scott Hahn, Jim and Joy Pinto,
Rosalind Moss and Fr Donald Calloway.
What about the 5 non-negotiables: abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning and same-sex marriage.
Sunamis 46
there is always a difference
Sunamis 46
it is very sad that kardinal de paolis died as well, kardinasl de paolis would have anserwed him the truth,

i guess this is why he had to die
Carlos Barquin
One wonders why he don't just leave the Catholic Church and goes to his real affiliation in some obscure protestant denomination where he truly belongs.
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