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The problem with the secular concepts, 'left-wing', 'right-wing', 'liberal', and 'conservative' is that they very much depend upon one's point of view. If one is far enough on the 'liberal' or 'left' wing then those who are less 'liberal' will seem 'conservative' and so on. In fact the concepts used reveal more about the one who uses them than about the one of whom they are used. For those of us … More
We all know what he wants
Our Lady of Sorrows
St. Gregory the Great says that priests and pastors will stand condemned before God as the murderers of any souls lost through neglect or silence. Tot occidimus, quot ad mortem ire tepidi et tacentes videmus. Elsewhere St. Gregory asserts that nothing more angers God than to see those whom He set aside for the correction of others, give bad example by a wicked and depraved life.’
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