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There Is "War in the Church" - Pro-gay Cardinal Schönborn

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said in a homily on Sunday during a celebration for the feast of the name of Our Lady that there is almost "a war in the Church" because bishops and cardinals are positioning themselves in favour or against Pope Francis.

Schönborn expressed his "admiration" for Pope Francis who in all of this "preserves his inner peace" [in defiance of the fact that Francis is famous for his outbursts].

Although Francis is personally involved in hushing up abuses, Schönborn called him a "gift of God".

During his homily Schönborn also mentioned "the poor", "environment protection" and the "undeniable reality of climate change".

A week earlier, Schönborn who regularly meets with the leading Austrian gay propagandist Gery Keszler and organises gay events in his cathedral, called Francis last week a "convincing pastor".

Picture: Gery Keszler, Christoph Schönborn © Figlhaus Wien, Flickr CC BY-SA, #newsYbjhkaltmm
War! Hello it is called Schism!
alex j
Oh! for the days of 'The Sound of Music' and the scent of 'Edelweiss'.
GJA Taylor
Schonborn is a duplicitous pompous man in dress up. He lives a millionaires lifesyle, sad wee man.
Joseph a' Christian
Thank thee Almighty God, many faithful are now aware of these evil, homosexual bishops. We who love Jesus, must be in
strong unity, in order to resist and overcome the gang of satanists, that Schonborn, Cupich, McCarrick, James Martin, False Francis... belong to.
With Christ, for Christ.
Austria like von SCHONBORN will fall soon, Vienna will be destroyed!
The Graf Von Schonborn is a shallow, flexible man, a JP2 neo-con, a Benedict conservative, who believes only in power.
How can this Cardinal use, "cover up abuses and Gift of God" in the same description of a man,? Anyone who covers up evil abuses of so many is no Gift. Run from these evil men! If your parish teaches this , run, run!