Francis’ Visit Brings Diocese on Verge of Bancrupcy

The diocese of Fribourg/Lausanne/Geneva, Switzerland, is in troubles after Pope Francis made the shorterm decision to visit the World Council of Churches in Geneva on June 21. The official webpage
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GJA Taylor
Just ask Humble Francis to rethink his visit, and to make it a private one to the WC of "c"'s then it should cost a few bob. The Swiss Catholics are making their views known with 25,000 collection for a 2 million humble debt! Good on em.
De Profundis
"... for a while, to labour is present to the Church, but, hereafter, it shall be to rejoice." - Saint Augustine
How many African children could be saved from the money spent on a single mass (I mean on the security of the Pope)...
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The FSSP are there on good terms with the bishop. Was there some deliberation in Maximum Leader throwing his weight about?