Yes-Men Francis Wants Bishops “Not to Surround Themselves with Yes-Men”

Pope Francis spoke on September 12 in the Vatican to recently consecrated bishops.

He repeated to them his usual buzzwords like “tenderness,” “closeness to the people,” “self-referentiality,” “getting one’s hands dirty,” closeness to “the poor,” or readiness to “weep.”

Regardless of "tenderness," Francis himself is known for his brutal administration. He has little use for simple Catholics who still believe in God, but wants to please the powerful oligarch-journalists.

He then invited the bishops to be men who know how to listen to things that may not like and admonished them not to surround themselves with “yes men”.

This is also in stark contrast with Francis’ personal behavior: He quickly becomes angry when contradicted, and has eliminated from the Vatican everybody who is not a courtier and yes men.

The best joke Francis reserved for the end, “The priest is the closest neighbor of the bishop,” he said, “Embrace them, and thank them in my name”.

It is no mystery, that in the real Church, the bishop is the first and most dangerous enemy of his priests.

Jorge is gaslighting again.
Here's the irony. Francis surrounds himself with "yes-men"
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Marxists have long understood what you say to others and what you do yourself are naturally two different things. and one more user like this. likes this.
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