Scandal Cardinals: No Wonder Bergoglio Got Stuck in the Elevator

“One writes ‘cardinals’, one reads ‘friends of Bergoglio’,” Aldo Maria Valli comments on Pope Francis' September 1 cardinals.

For Valli, the nomination of Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, 82, is a “rehabilitation” after he had been removed in 2006 from the Pontifical Council for the Inter-religious Dialogue for his “accommodating line on Islam.”

Archbishop Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, a neo-cardinal and successor of Fitzgerald, recently praised the Abu Dhabi document and Francis’ “tireless commitment to promoting dialogue” [with like-minded people only].

Neo-cardinal Matteo Zuppi of Bologna and the Vatican functionary Neo-Cardinal Michael Czerny belong to Francis' Mass-Immigration party.

Zuppi was praised by the gay propagandist James Martin on Twitter as “a great supporter” of homosexual fornication. Czerny is a special secretary of the Amazon Synod.

Neo-Cardinal José Tolentino Mendonça is a fan of Sister Maria Teresa Forcades i Vila, an ultra-feminist “theologian” who endorses abortion and gay pseudo-marriage.

No wonder, Bergoglio got stuck in the elevator while attempting to reach the place where he announced the names of the neo-cardinals.

Rorate Caeli@RorateCaeli·
Sun Sep 1st, 2019
Of the seven Cardinal electors chosen by Francis today, at least 2 are known to be "gay" by everyone in Rome. Quite remarkable...
We can verify again that Bergoglio is creating the anti-church that is at the service of the antichrist whose main purpose is the condemnation of souls in rebellion against God.
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George Neumayr:

The only Italian chosen is an LGBT advocate. The rest are Islamophiles, amnesty advocates, and modernists of one stripe or another.
Hildegard of Bingen OSB : Homosexuality is the supreme offense against God.
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Bergoglio was a heretic before,
and now he remains stubborn in his old heresies.
The Magisterium of the Church annuls all the elevations of heretics, cismatics and apostates. and one more user like this. likes this.
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