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Liberal Clergy Claims Jesus was "Refugee", Does Not Believe in Infancy Narratives

The British journalist Damian Thompson published the following tweet (December 14):

"I know this is cynical, but it’s aways fun at Christmas watching liberal clergy who don’t believe in the infancy narratives, nonetheless insist that the Holy Family were 'refugees'."

In an overwhelming majority of the seminaries and faculties under the supervision of the Church's hierarchy, it is taught that Christ’s infancy narratives, contained in Matthew and Luke, were invented out of the blue by the Gospel's authors.

The infancy narratives contain Christ's conception in Nazareth, birth in Bethlehem, flight to Egypt, return to Nazareth, and presentation in the temple.

They teach that? OK, it's confirmed for the umpteenth time: they are a filthy discusting bunch...