Bishop Suggests: Abolishing Celibacy Is Cover Up For Failure of Liberal Prelates

Spanish-born Bishop Rafael Escudero López-Brea, 57, of Moyobamba, Peru, argued in a courageous intervention at the Amazon Synod against the working document's push to abolish celibacy (transcript on, October 8).

Escuerdo explained that ordaining "elders" as mere administrators of the sacraments without being able to teach and govern would transform priests into eucharistic "functionaries" and [under the pretext of being "pastoral"] make them cease to be pastors.

This wrong concept of the Sacrament of Holy Order does not come from Revelation - Escuerdo added - but from Amazonian tribes who rotate their leaders.

The bishop reminded that most natives [and bishops] aren't Catholic and still need to learn that Christ is the only Saviour of men.

He also stressed that there is no "lack of vocations” in those dioceses and religious communities who obey Catholic doctrine and live the Christian spirituality.

In other words: The lack of priests is caused by Modernist bishops who are demanding to abolish celibacy in order to cover up their failure.

Picture: Rafael Escudero López-Brea, #newsMdfmlbhlfj

Typical flyer at the Vatican these days. It gets at the real purpose of the Amazon Synod, not evangelization but left-wing political organizing through the United Nations.
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This is how you get vocations [even in back then primitive Africa]
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“The Amazon, at least the Brazilian Amazon, is no longer Catholic. ... Any nostalgia for an Amazon that no longer exists is fatal to its integral evangelization. Even in some areas of the Amazon the Pentecostal majority reaches 80%.”…/the-catholic-ch… likes this.
They are not demanding to end celibacy so they can cover up their failure. They consider the lack of vocations and the end of celibacy and the end of the Church, for that matter, THE MOTHER OF ALL SUCCESSES!!! likes this.