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Diocesan Webpage Calls Homosexual Fornication "Expression of Love"

Brentwood diocese in England recently launched its own branch of the Catholic relief organisation Caritas. Its webpage,, promotes Quest, an organisation founded to propagate homosexualism in the Church.

Quest lost its approval as a Catholic organisation when Westminster Cardinal Basil Hume (+1999) cancelled it from the English Catholic Directory because it contradicted Church teaching on homosexuality. Westminster Cardinal Nichols re-endorsed the group in November 2017.

Now, Quest member Ania Kowalski claimed on that having, what she called "a loving, committed same-sex relationship, which includes sexual intimacy as an expression of that love" [i.e. homosexual fornication], is in "complete concordance with being Catholic."

alex j
Paraphrasing Bishop Fulton Sheen, "A sin is sin even if nobody sees it as sin! " Same sex intimacy as an expression of so called love is passion out of control and certainly not in complete concordance with Catholic teaching. To make such a ridiculous claim of "Complete concordance with being Catholic" is wishful thinking at best, at worse a wilful disregard of natural law, common sense, and a … More
we will resist reject refuse ,evil idiologies
Shame on the this diocese
I apologise for assuming everybody KNOWS that Lucifer was given 100 years by Christ to see if he could destroy Roman Catholicism.

Here's an account of the Prophecy.

Se page 16

See also this relatively unknown message from Our Lord to Sr Lucia of Fatima
So suddenly the presumed "Catholic Church" is en masse "obsessively gay friendly"? Funny, isn't it that Christ gave Lucifer 100 years to try to destroy His Church and to damn "all of those who would give themselves over to his service."
You're blind fools! Read Romans 1 and the prophecies of the Saints - You call what Christ calls "Evil" - "Good." and expect to float up to Heaven when you die?
The Anglicans hierarchy was masonic and homo positive in the 19th c. this is old for England!
De Profundis
One would expect this to be a joke.