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Francis: "A Nun Saved My Life When I was Twenty"

Pope Francis remembered during a March 3 audience for 6,500 representatives of Italy’s National Federation of Professional Nursing Orders how Sister Cornelia Caraglio, a Dominican nun who was a nurse, saved his life.

Francis witnessed that he was “about to die” at the age of twenty, when Sister Cornelia who was born in Italy, advised the doctors and argued with them about the treatment, "No, this is not ok, you have to give more [of a certain medication]." Francis added, "Thanks to those things I survived.”

According to Francis, Sr Cornelia spent time in Greece as a teacher before she was sent by her order to Argentina.

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Too bad. She did the Church and countless souls no favor.
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Sunamis 46
It would be good to remember that
Always before he honours plumps for abortion or whatever nonsense
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