Fake News Catholics “Leaving the Church” – Fake News Newspaper Claims

More Americans than ever are leaving the Catholic Church after the sex abuse scandal, (April 22) claims in a maudlin anti-Catholic article.

The article contains little facts. simply sent 13 reporters on Palm Sunday to random parishes in order to talk to random worshipers and talking them into expressing “doubts.”

However the newspaper has to admit that believing Catholics have not been deterred by the fake news campaign that is blowing up incidences of sexual abuses in the Church, although the Catholic Church has been for decades the safest environment for children. among all institutions in the U.S.

It is true that the Church suffers from abuses but they are of liturgical and doctrinal and only very rarely of sexual nature.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsDrrvnvhyfb
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