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Anti-Catholic Outlet Calls Francis "Cold-Blooded Machiavellian" and "Liar"

The German oligarch outlet Spiegel, founded by a former Nazi journalist, quoted in a recent cover story about Pope Francis an anonymous Vatican Cardinal.

This Cardinal, “advanced in years”, described Francis allegedly to Spiegel as someone “who questions the truth of the Faith like no other before him”.

Another Cardinal said allegedly to Spiegel that he “didn’t believe a single word” of Francis from the beginning adding that Francis preaches mercy but is “a cold-blooded, cunning Machiavellian and, what is even worse, he lies”.

There is no way to know whether the Spiegel cardinals exist or not. The outlet is known for a biased, untruthful coverage of Catholic themes.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBaqmithpbs
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Dr Bobus
Smart money says the source is Cardinal Walter Brandmüller
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