Older Priest “Floss Dances” During First Communion Mass (Video)

Dressed in full Mass attire, Father Con Cronin stirred up his congregation by “floss dancing” at the end of a May 19 Holy Communion Mass.

Cronin is a curate in St Mary's church in Passage West, Ireland. "Flossing" is a dance move that repeatedly swings the clenched fists from the back of their body to the front. (May 21) called Cronin's dance skills “questionable” adding that he is "loved by everyone in Passage."

In preparation for First Communion, the children attended masses throughout the year and at the end of every mass they would "floss" with Cronin,

"Every single child was looking forward to the mass and it was purely so they could dance with Fr Con," a mother told


Pray for Pope Frances, his bishops and priests.
He is NOT the Pope, and that thing is not the Catholic Church.
They made their own sect with the V2, and stole the name of "Catholic" to it, but, the TRADEMARK for a REAL Pope, it is the Infallible Teaching (Ordinary and Solemn)... he is not infallible on the Ordinary AND on the Solemn one.
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