Synod Boss: Feathers Yes But Cassocks Are Not Welcome

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, 79, the Synod's general secretary, announced at the beginning of the "Amazon"-Synod on October 7 to the delegates that "we may [= should] show up in 'clergyman'" - rather than in cassocks. "Clergyman" denotes a clerical shirt, worn with trousers, originally used by Protestant preachers.

The announcement was followed by the usual [Communist party] applause (video below). The question is whether Francis will set a good example showing up in [white?] trousers.

Commentators on social media joked, “Parody is dead.” And, “They'll be naked by the time it ends.”

Baldisseri's suggestion makes sense: This way, it is visible even for the naked eye that this is not a Catholic Synod.


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According to St Isaac Jogues the cassock is a sign of celibacy
Why the animosity against the Roman cassock? It's a conspicuous sign of the Roman Catholic priesthood, rooted in centuries of tradition and identity. Question answered.
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God rid us of these homo heretics.
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Please wear sexy undies...that's what we want to see. We all know what we like
May God rebuke him we humbly pray.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
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