Suitable Gift: Francis Receives Idol Statue That "Protects" From Disasters

A group of Taiwanese Buddhists presented Pope Francis with a statue of Guanyin, an idol alleged to protect from disasters.

Francis told the group after his May 22 General Audience that our religious traditions are "diverse” but do not cause conflict, provocation nor cold distance. In reality both "religious traditions" are mutually exclusive.

Francis lamented that “we have sometimes unfortunately in history prayed against one another.”

But: “Without syncretism or relativism, we have rather prayed side-by-side and for each other” [- which is a perfect expression of relativism].

1 John 5:21 admonishes, "Keep yourselves from idols"; while Saint Paul calls idols "demons" (1 Cor 10:20).


What's even more scandalous is how choreographed these events are. Everyone, Francis included, is fully aware of who will be presenting what long before it ever happens. There was plenty of time for His Holiness to politely and privately say, through intermediaries, "no, the gift of a pagan idol is contrary to my faith as a Christian."
He had no intention of rejecting the idol. I agree it was known, staged.
He can always put it where the sun don't shine. LOL
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How can he accept an idol? Will he place it on his desk? night stand? hand it off to the next Taiwanese visitor? Ridiculous. Scandalous.
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Does it protect against the disaster already happening in the Church?
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