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Bishop Removes Priest For Improving Liturgy

Bishop Walter Hurley, 81, since October Apostolic Administrator of Saginaw Diocese, USA, has removed Father Edwin Dwyer, 36, as the parochial administrator of Our Lady of Peace in Bay City, Michigan, effective February 8.

Dwyer's crime: He used incense more often, avoided extraordinary ministers for distributing Holy Communion, and sometimes used Latin hymns.

The priest's work led to more young families attending mass.

In a February 2 letter to the parish (below), Bishop Hurley claimed that Dwyer had “divided” the parish “particularly with the Liturgy”.

Picture: Edwin Dwyer, #newsRswwbuirje

The bishop’s report card: “the October data for the Saginaw diocese showing sharp and continued decline in Mass attendance: a stunning 45-percent drop since 2013.”
De Profundis
Same diocese where the head of the Tribunal sexually assaulted a 17 year old and an 18 year old (both males) recently.
Bishop needs to go talk to Jesus and He will judge. I wonder where bishops like him will end up for eternity?
Even just a hint of tradition is enough to make some bishops go crazy.
Father Dwyer - 36 years old. Modernist hippie generation Bishop - 81 years old. Hang in there, bear your cross and pray, Father. The future is yours, not his.
Shameful. ...the diocese of my birth. I guess things haven't changed for the better as I had thought.