Abuse Hype in Kansas City, San Diego, Philadelphia – "Zero Mercy" to the Bitter End

A jury was unable to reach a verdict on September 16 in the case of Father Scott Kallal, 37, (picture) Kansas City, Kansas Archdiocese.

A 13-year-old girl alleged that Kallal committed the unspeakable crime of “tickling her breast twice” in 2015 when she was 10, (September 16) writes.

The Archdiocese suspended Kallal in July 2017 after receiving two allegations of “inappropriate conduct”, one involving the girl, the other an adult person.

The girl’s adoptive mother told the court that she saw the priest “carrying her daughter in a way he shouldn’t have”, but she did not see him touch her daughter’s breast.

The abuse hype has also produced a strange situation in San Diego diocese.

Father J. Patrick Foley of Sacramento, who was ordained in 1973 for San Diego, sued the diocese on September 12 for defamation because his name appeared on a September 2019 list with alleged homosexual predators published by the diocese.

Foley calls himself now an “itinerant Papist preacher” and offers his services for retreats and parish missions on the Internet.

His complaint states that the diocese published “false and defamatory material” in a “reckless disregard for the truth.”

He insists that he was first accused of inappropriately touching a child in 1989 while he provided emergency medical care.

In 2010, Foley was again accused of "molesting" a boy in the early 1990s but a Church tribunal was unable to reach a finding of any wrongdoing.

Foley is suing the diocese for punitive damages for what the lawsuit calls “severe humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress,” as a result of the release of his name.

A third case happened on September 16 in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has thrown Father Christopher D. Lucas, 65, under the bus and even found him “unsuitable for ministry” after he had ministered for over 34 years.
The reason: An abuse allegation of a minor surfaced. It presumably happened more than 45 years ago, when Lucas himself was a minor of the age of 17 (!) and had not yet begun studying for the priesthood. This was the first allegation lodged against Father Lucas.

The district attorney’s office showed more “mercy” (or common sense) than the Church. It declined to press charges.