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Blowoff, Vatican Allows Easter Rites Prior to the Reform of Pius XII

The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter has been granted an indult by the Vatican Commission Ecclesia Dei to use the liturgical books for Holy Week as they were until the [failed] reform of Pius XII (+1958). The indult is granted ad experimentum for three years.

The information was published in several of the Fraternity’s US-parish bulletins. Each church of the Fraternity has to request permission from the superiors before taking advantage of the indult. According to rumours, 25 parishes have been granted permission so far.

However, on Good Friday, the prayer for the Jews published by Pope Benedict XVI must be used.

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FSSP Minneapolis will be taking advantage of this 👍🏻
If the prayer for the Jews by Pope Benedict XVI is still to be used, what is the point?
Tout ce que Pie XII promulgua,
La Semaine Sainte qu'il réforma,
Furent des choses excellentes.
Mais voilà que François invente
Une chose à tomber des nues :
Il met cette réforme aux orties !
Ainsi sera-t-il le bienvenu
Dans toute espèce de frateries !
Pope Benedict’s Retreat Preacher Spoke on Antichrist as a “pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist” :
"He will convoke an ecumenical council and will seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions, granting something to each one. The masses will follow him, with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants,"
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