Francis' Hatred For Catholics: “Ignore Them”, “Minority Sectors”, “Well Funded”

“Let them say whatever they want” - Pope Francis replied [with little "pastoral" sense] when the Argentinian paper (July 7) confronted him with his “friction with the ultraconservative sectors of the Church.”

"Ultraconservative sectors" is an insult, the oligarch-media use to denote Catholics who oppose the liberal-modernist gang around Francis.

Francis went on minimizing the Catholics as “minority sectors” especially in North America [as if Jesus Christ had been supported by a "majority"]. He insinuates that they “accept a lot of money” although the oligarchs and their media support Francis, not the Catholics.

Francis also mentioned that he would like to visit his homeland Argentina in 2020 for the first time after six years, but whether Francis will follow up on this words remains to be seen.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsDmccczrzmb
Pope Francis' answer to the different declarations, petitions, accusations, corrections, dubia: “They can say what they wish. I don’t respond.”
He needs to resign.
Los que son del mundo siempre escogen a Barrabas
7 years, in 2020, it's gonna be 7 years, not 6