Italian Diocese, Adulterers Can Be Godparents, Religious Teachers and Catechists

Bishop Marcello Semeraro of Albano, Italy, has put himself above the Gospel and decreed that adulterers may receive Holy Communion and take over leadership roles in his diocese. Semeraro is a buddy of Francis and the secretary of his council of cardinals. His decree has the childish name “Rejoice with me” and is based on Amoris Laetitia.

According to SIR, Semeraro allows adulterers to be lectors during Holy Mass, religious teachers at schools and catechists in parishes. He forces his priests not to ask of adulterers to live in chastity if that goes beyond their “strength”.

The Council of Trent condemned the heresy which claims that God’s commandments are impossible to be observed. Therefore the priests of his diocese will sin if they follow Semeraro.

Picture: Marcello Semeraro, #newsFjqnrpblqe
Bishop Semeraro truly has put himself above the Gospel. This notion of not asking what goes beyond someone's "strength" is for non-believers. To quote a video, "To be strong in the weakness of the human flesh proves the Omnipotence of God."
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The bishop puts himself above the gospel and therefore above God. Satan tried this and wound up in hell.
Where does our "strength" come from?