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Many Cardinals Support Müller Secretly Against Francis

“Certain forces in the background” conspired to oust Cardinal Gerhard Müller,69, as the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Talking to German television Bayerischer Rundfunk (December 5) Müller asserted that the unnamed “forces” are “the only explanation that can be found”. Many cardinals and bishops from all over the world told Müller, that they do not understand Francis’ decision.

In a very diplomatic language Müller criticized Francis referring generally to “an anti-Roman atmosphere” in Argentina and “certain prejudices against the Curia” there.

Picture: Gerhard Müller, © michael_swan, CC BY-ND, #newsIbyikvodub
Jim Dorchak he is for and against Francis! As the bible says "Therefore be shrewd[k] as the snakes, and innocent[] as the doves. 1
Jim Dorchak
Wait a minute,,,,,,,,,, is Cd. Muller against Our Pope Francis? Or is he simply FOR Cd. Muller?