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Preacher Wears Dog Mask

Twitter-User Kevin Acker published on January 20 the picture of deacon Anthony DiIenno preaching with the mask of a dog on his head. Acker commented: “Only in Philadelphia is this not a weird scene in Church.”

The picture was taken by Acker’s parents in the Catholic parish St Rose of Lima in Eddystone, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, USA.

The archdiocese is run by Archbishop Charles Chaput who is considered one of the best bishops in the United States.

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This Deacon needs to be ousted from the diaconate, you are either building up the church and as you can see he is trying to tear it down. What a disgrace and I do hope Archbishop Charles Chapter does something.
Animalizing the human and humanizing the animal. Many people have confused the hierarchy of God's earthly creatures by erroneous cognition of reality due to replacing cognitive sciences - classical /Catholic theology and philosophy - with ideologies, i.e. neo-marxist.
De Profundis
Liturgical innovators return to their vomit.
When St Jacinta Marto of Fatima said that the pavements of Hell are lined with the skulls of Priests - you possibly weren't listening or did not take her very seriously did you Sir?

Christ values Priests who suffer persecution for their obedience to Church Teaching & Sacred Scripture. Have you never read the Old Testament? Priests are told they are condemned if they are irreverent during their … More
Joseph a' Christian likes this. 
With the mask he just makes a dog's dinner of the sermon. Did he do matching doggie sounds? Was he just barking up the wrong tree? I hope he did not get carried away and cock his leg (I couldn't resist that one). Perhaps someone should've done the congregation a favour, threw a stick and shouted 'fetch.' Then again they might simply have shouted 'down boy!' Sometimes a cleric's life is a dog's … More
I dont think its right to use any mask in church
Are those priest's vestments, that this "deakon" is wearing?

Jesus Is Freedom, from the snares of this evil world. Thanks be to Almighty God!
Good try, deacon but you took the wrong mask out of your toy box today. Next time look for the oversized Bozo the clown one. I know it would fit you much better. Maybe you could then take your clown show on the road to other parishes.