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This is one more reason mandates have to be stopped. While it might be to late to stop Obamacare, it isn't too late to try to stop any more "taxes". The only way to do this is to pass a Mandate Amendment to the Constitution. Such a mandate would make it illegal to force US citizens to purchase any goods or services.
Please go to our website to learn more about this effort. It will take us all working together to get this done.

The democrat party has given the Catholic church no choice. It must “choose” between violating its principles and closing up shop.
That is the highest form of sacrament for the democrat party. They loathe the Catholic church because it opposes abortion and gay “marriage.” But above all, democrats are afraid of stirring up the angry fang-toothed feminazis.
My father is being cared for by Little Sisters of the Poor here in Chicago. I visit … [More]