Sicilian Bishops Allow Communion for Adulterers

On June 4, the Sicilian Bishops’ Conference promulgated pastoral guidelines on Amoris Laetitia that allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion against the words of the New Testament. The guidelines admit, that John Paul II required from divorced and remarried to practice chastity, but claim, that this teaching is now “expanded” (meaning: abolished) by Francis.

According to the guidelines adulterers can be absolved and admitted to the Eucharist “even though the confessor knows that it is an objective disorder for the Church”.

According to Catholic teaching it is a mortal sin to receive Holy Communion without being in the state of grace.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, Aleteia, CC BY-SA , #newsKpppycwgfe
So, Almighty God forbids those in mortal sin to receive Holy communion because He knows that it is in itself another mortal sin and will lead to greater punishment in hell. However, the bishops override the law of the Almighty. In essence, they are saying to those in mortal sin; Go to hell with our blessings. The bishops will be lower in hell than those whom they lead there
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