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Swedish Cardinal “Very Sad” About Parties Blocking Mass Immigration

In Europe, there is an ever more influential [allegedly] "nationalist" movement opposing [mass] migration, Stockholm Cardinal Anders Arborelius claimed in front of (June 10). For …
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In Sweden, Muslims have recently been given permission to use the so-called 'call to prayer' in one town whilst church bells have been banned, so I believe.
"Can't stop the moslems from taking over. Must welcome them in to destroy what's left of Christianity in Europe. Says these wolves. They are leftists, globalist, pedophiles, homosexuals that work for the devil.
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This is Sweden? Perhaps the good cardinal ought to worry about his lack of a flock.
Dr Bobus
Europe is now Eurabia (cf Orianna Fallaci).
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What else can we expect from FrancisCardinals?
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