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Bishop Threatens Catholic Website Which Exposed Gay Affair of Two Priests

Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli, USA, threatened to sue over the publication of an article about an alleged romantic affaire of two Paterson gay priests.

Serratelli send a cease and desist letter ordering to take the article down. stands by the veracity of the report.

The webpage has repeatedly asked the diocese for comment but received no reply.

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“The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.”
St. John Chrysostom
A proper FrancisBishop who follows his master. Francis compares whistleblowers to satan, considers them traitors. Toxic.
Satan is a false accuser, "Father of Lies."
ChurchMilitant stand firm to ,The Bishops doing the will of evil man ,they think they can push the catholics around like they do with good priests that speak up
Holy Cannoli
Now things are getting interesting.
Bishop Arthur Serratelli was asked for a comment (smart move by Voris) and the bishop did not respond. Voris has a good lawyer and has been threatened with lawsuits before now. Both his lawyer and Voris know that any person (bishop or layman) who wishes to successfully sue for libel must generally prove the statement is false. Truth is a complete … More
Sodomy is being favored by Freemasonry and has been used as a mass destructive weapon to destroy the RCC. Now God has intervened and disclosed all their evil, abomination and soon root them out. Reminding that RCC is Jesus Christ's Church.
Holly Cannoli, how you made this funny emoji..., where to get them ?? ☺
The fact that the bishop is threatening suing is admission of being guilty, along with not commenting. I can’t wait for the day God’s heavy hand of Juctice comes down in his church...
God's justice has come already that's why all are exposed.