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Fiction And Realty: Former Dominican Speaks About Retreat for Gay Priests in Rome

The homosexual James Alison, a former convert and British Dominican who is now a full time gay propagandist, wrote in (italic)The Tablet(italic) (August 1) about an alleged "retreat" he gave a few years ago for about 50 Italian gay priests in Rome.

According to Alison some of them where accompanied by their boy-friends and part of the group were seven or eight mid-level Vatican officials.

One of them worked in the (italic)Congregation for the Clergy(italic). Alison asked him what he made of those attending with their boy-friends and allegedly received the answer, “Of course, we know that the partnered ones are the healthy ones.”

Alison concludes that homosexual practice between adult males is in the Vatican “irrelevant”, meaning not leading to consequences.

It is true that homosexual fornication is accepted by Pope Francis, but the rest of Alison's account has little credibility.

There is no public record of such a retreat that hardly could have been kept secret.
Erreur ! Une telle retraite LGBTQ a très bien pu se tenir secrètement, dans les souterrains maçonniques... et il y en a beaucoup au Vatican, spécialement à Sainte-Marthe.
How could it be that there are still people who actually profess that these infamous fools are the Priesthood of Christ? The immoral pornographic lifestyles that these demonic fake priests cling to is so despicable to anyone who loves Jesus Christ. Would ANYONE judge God as unfair if He came back tomorrow & threw the entire lot into the lowest pits of Hell? Jesus Christ's Gospel no longer … More
Sometimes wonder if a retreat for sodomite Conciliar priest might be redundant. Easily half are queer anyhow.
Joseph a' Christian
Gay means to be happy 😊. Don’t use the worldly creatures’ false terminology.
Queer means odd. Therefore this word is fitting for perverse homosexuals. However you must overcome the ongoing subversive propaganda, of the the primarily talmud jew owned media. The same evil creatures of the talmud media, continue to name homosexual priests- pedophiles. They do this bekause they can not promote their … More
Is it the "Mason's" who come to destory the church or does this just attract gay men in the Seminary? God help us all!