Bishop Williamson Will Visit Germany

Bishop Richard Williamson will visit Germany in the next days according to the webpage Williamson will consecrate a chapel of sisters in Häusern, southern Germany, and visit the Carmelite nuns of Brilon Wald who have left the FSSPX some weeks ago. Further the bishop will be the guest of a Sedevacantist Mass centre in Wigratzbad. According to, in Germany a split between followers of the FSSPX and followers of bishop Williamson is imminent.
Yes, they are just afraid to hear the truth. And anybody who questions their state dogmas will be harassed and destroyed. I feel really sorry for them.
But of course there are also many really good people in Germany... they are just very silent
If BpW is harassed by journalists, the cause of the Church's resurrection would be seriously enhanced, because the frantic German people would probably be effectively reminded that return to True Religion is their only salvation from rule by satanic-societies, financial super criminals.
When entering Germany, Williamson must know that the work of the SS is now done in this country by the SSpiegel. The Spiegel was founded by former nazis.
He definetly will be harassed.
Pia Piissima
I am sorry to see that there is a split in the FSSPX... In my opinion they should keep together.
Hopefully Bishop Williamson will be able to travel safely through Germany and will not be harassed by German journalists.