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Bishop Hunts “Hidden” Enemies of Pope Francis

Bishop Erio Castellucci of Modena, Italy, published in an October issue of his diocesan weekly an edict ordering his priests not to receive in their parishes "seers, charismatics, journalists and intellectuals who manifest a hidden or open dissent towards the official Church and especially to Pope Francis".

La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana points out that in October Castellucci had a friendly public discussion with the theologian Andrea Grillo, an intimate enemy of the Catholic faith who habitually used to attack Benedict XVI or John Paul II.

One of the first victims of Castellucci was Monsignor Antonio Livi, a known philosopher and professor, who was disinvited from speaking in a Modena parish after an intervention of Castellucci.

Picture: Erio Castellucci , © modena,, #newsMxmagutjyo
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If you're an unrepentant sodomite, a pro abortion "catholic" politician... however, you will be welcome. I guess the "dialoguing" and "bridge building" are not universal constructs. The modernists haven't forgotten how to anathematize. In the real Catholic Church, you don't negotiate with error, and you defend sacred truth with your life. In phony nuchurch you embrace every error imaginable and … More
From Church of Christ to Vatican Communist Party? Joseph Stalin is the new "saint" today?
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Sólo Díos basta
Malachi Martin wrote in 1986 (Book The Jesuits, Chapter “The War”) about the decentralised Church which Bergoglio and his minions are actively undertaking

„For many Jesuits […] the Church’s centralized authority, the command structure though which it is exercised, and ist purpose are all unacceptable today. The traditional prerogatives of this Pope, John Paul II., or of any Pope, are objectionab… More