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Marco Tosatti Explains why Italian Bishops Falsified Our Father

Without any need, the Italian Bishops have introduced a made-up version of the Our Father and the Gloria.

For Marco Tosatti this expresses a “sinisterly psychopathic” behaviour and the envy of those who have failed,

“In the collapse of their utopias, in the frosty winter into which their radiant ‘conciliar spring’ has turned, it is too painful [for them] to honestly face reality and to admit their mistakes.”

Therefore they prefer to destroy the little that still works like the Old Rite or flourishing traditional religious communities.

For Tosatti this is the insane frenzy of crazy castaways who capsize the few rafts that are still floating, rather than to climb on them or to create new ones.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsWrtdxfbinb
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Les conciliaires achèvent de casser leur baraque toute rouillée qui s'écroule en mille morceaux !
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" not abandon us to temptation" and "peace to those beloved by the Lord"
The meaning is different, because it's a different religion.
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Italian bishops; Enemies of the Catholic Church.
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Yes, I suspect he might hope to revive old V2 vintage English translations of the Our Father, or copy the French or Italian texts. The English is an early Tudor text, and which translates better both the scriptural text and that of the Mass, where it uses a pre Vulgate text (daily not supersubstantial).
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It is pope Francis who drives this. Look why: Whole latin america will pray the lord's prayer: No nos dejes caer en la tentación. This means don't let me fall into temptation. They say this since ever. Latam is 49% of all Catholics + Spain Catholics is a world majority. So the rest of "us" will have to adapt. Even so Jesus said something else.
What rests is a good interpretation of the document … More
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