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Archbishop Becciu Defends Pope Francis

The word “parrhesia” (speaking openly) was brought back by Pope Francis according to Archbishop Giovanni Becciu, the second man in the Vatican Secretary of State. Talking at a November book presentat…
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Bergoglio rewards PRO GAY Becciu's fidelity in his apostasy.
GJA Taylor
Snakes, weasils, no time for the pointy hats in rome.
It also hurts the Devil, after all the destruction of the one true faith is the Devil's desire. All those who deny that the church is under attack from the very top is doing the devil's work: Period!
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Cardinal Janis Pujats ,just said that "amoris Laetitia" needs clarification , and we catholics believe him
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Just be nice to a poor person after you've made a sacrilegious communion and it will all be okay.
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Lux de Coelo
probably the second man in the vatican secratary of state wants to be the first man
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