“Incredibly Edifying” - Bishop Offers First Latin Mass

Bishop Marcus Stock, 56, of Leeds, England, celebrated his first Old Latin Mass on November 11. This was an "incredibly edifying and moving occasion", he told The Tablet. About 100 people attended. …
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GJA Taylor
Arch -bishop Roche, friend of this bad pope, resign now, before you are pushed. You are a weasil and a disgrace.
@Kevin I followed your link. Golly. Two deacons having a spat there others joining in the fray. I thought GTV had a monopoly of keyboard warriors. I do see the point some of them make. That the Bish went there to talk to the dissenting priests. That’s fine. I think ?
Hmm. A while back, the dissenting 'A Call to Action' group claimed in a press release that (then) Mgr Stock represented the bishops at their national conference. Does anyone know if this was ever refuted by Mgr Stock?
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