Don’t Say Jesus Is Lord

A new handbook of the Protestant Swedish state church is instructing the Protestant [lay-]bishops not to call God "him" or "Lord" because this is not "gender neutral". Christians have expressed their…
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Lord have mercy on her
Jesus called God the Father ,Jesus was a male ,but these femenists dressed as bishops think they know better
"and that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father"
Philippians, 2:11 - Bíblia Católica Online
These arrogant, blind creatures are absurd. There is no need for them to have tongues.
One of our beautiful women saints, referred to our Lord Jesus as- HIS Majesty. I appreciate this-
Who cares what heretics have to say. It's all garbage anyway.
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De Profundis
Having read "Allah": Egypt state news agency reports 54 killed, 75 wounded in mosque attack in North Sinai today.
It's been getting out of hand since the 'reformation'.