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Francis Refuses to Bless, Doesn't Want to Offend Non-Catholics

During his day visit to Sicily on September 15, Pope Francis also met young people.

At the end, he refused to give the Pontifical Blessing allegedly in order not offend the “many non-Catholic Christians, those of other religions, and agnostics”.

Instead of a blessing, Francis prayed to the Lord to bless the youth.

If Francis truly believes in this strange argument, he needs to abolish the Catholic Faith altogether in order not to offend all the Non-Catholics who are present wherever he shows up.

#newsDotrzludlc mentioned this post in Former Benedict XVI Still Imparts “Apostolic Blessing” [While Francis Refuses to Do So].
De Profundis
General audience in October 2015

Now, to conclude this Audience, I invite everyone, each one on his or her own, to pray in silence. May each one do so according to his or her own religious tradition. Let us ask the Lord to make us more brotherly and sisterly among ourselves, and more ready to serve our needier brothers and sisters. Let us pray in silence.
[Silent prayer]
And may God bless us, … More
De Profundis
Let me get this straight: Pope Francis will perform the LITURGICAL act of washing feet on Non-Catholics; but won’t give a blessing to a mixed crowd of Catholics and Non-Catholics. Consistent?
A "blessing" from a Luciferian cleric is a curse to good people. Who would WANT a blessing from him? Since he "blesses" in the name of the "god of surprises" who is clearly not Christ - he thinks it's alright to sin, praises those who support sodomy and burns everyone who thinks that's okay.

The god of surprises hates Christian Doctrine and morality & hopes to charm the faithful into preferring … More
Joseph a' Christian
False Francis is participating in the evil masonic way. All religions are equal, proklaim these satanic masonics.
Jesus teaches us faithful, He has walked the earth, to teach us of the ONE TRUE GOD.
Lucky them, His blessings are a curse!
Maybe Francis is offended by the sign of the cross.
alex j
"....Well bless my soul what's wrong with me...."--[curtsy of Little Richard]
His Blessing is of no value
De Profundis
Keep digging, Frank. It’s your own grave.
Jorge, you're RIDICULOUS!
Only an ignoramus would want a blessing from this man.
Gesù è con noi
Gesù è con noi
May God overthrow the usurper of the throne!
A blessing from him would be worthless.
He did a similar thing early on in 2013, at a meeting with journalists.