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Francis Again Refuses to Kneel in Front of Eucharistic Adoration

Vatican News (February 21) published pictures of an Eucharistic Adoration which took place during the ongoing retreat of the Roman Curia in Ariccia near Rome.

The participants of the retreat all kneel in front of the monstrance except Francis who is standing.

Rumours that Francis has knee-problems have proven to be false since he has knelt on several occasions in front of refugees on Holy Thursday or when visiting an Anglican shrine in Uganda in November 2015.

#newsHvcrlneemg mentioned this post in John Paul II Always Knelt Before The Monstrance - Despite Health Problems.
Hugh N. Cry
It's hard to kneel when you've had a mitre, let alone papal tiara, working up through your digestive system all these years.
Bergoglio refuses to worship God violating the First Commandment. Bergoglio refuse to kneel before God but he kneel before the heretics, sodomites, idolaters - Muslims and bows before all the enemies of God.
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Yugo hace 9 horas

Para que al nombre de Jesús SE DOBLE TODA RODILLA de los que están en el cielo, y en la tierra, y debajo de la tierra, y toda lengua confiese que Jesucristo es Señor, para gloria de Dios Padre.

Me gusta
adeste fideles hace 6 horas

Un sacerdote alemán que en su juventud fue herido en las rodillas por rafagas de ametralladora en la segunda guerra mundial al estar imposibilitado para arrodillarse, se postraba en el suelo ante el Santisimo y asi lo hizo siempre en la Santa Misa aun a avanzada edad. Damos gracias a Dios por haber sido al menos uno de nosotros, testigo de ello en esas Santas Misas. … More
Jim Dorchak
Maybe he is trying to tell us that we are not supposed to kneel?
@egk888 re: Rev 13:8

for those without a handy calculator...

"BERGOGLIO" [ascii / decimal ] 66 69 82 71 79 71 76 73 79 = 666
"jorgemario" [ a=6 b=12...] 60 90 109 42 30 78 6 108 54 90 = 666
We have to accept, that he is the "false prophet", as written in Rev....
He is the one, the God-approved Devourer to separate the wheat from the weeds.

Just count the number of his First- and Lastname, as it is written in his passport of Argentina :

"BERGOGLIO" in ASCII-CODE (caps on + decimal) and
"JorgeMario" in "based-6-code" (a=6,b=12,c=18,...)

just calculate it and remember Rev. 13,18 ;-… More
He has a very jaundiced view of God, therefore he cannot accept the deity and absoluteness of our Lord and God Jesus Christ.
we have seen him kneeling before to other people ,why not kneel in the presence of God ?
Possibilities; He doesn't believe in the real presence , or he sees himself on equal footing with God. Pick your poison.
Jim Dorchak
You know what a smart ass I am.
Well for this one I can only say:
Sad. Just sad.