Argentina: Catholic Church Attacked With Molotov bombs - Police Stands On the Sidelines

Again, the Argentinian hate-event “National Encounter of Women” which this year took place in the 100,000 people town Trelew, Patagonia, ended with violent attacks against a Catholic Church, but the oligarch media ignore this.

On Sunday, a mob of [allegedly] 50,000 half-naked women threw Molotov cocktails at the Catholic parish church Nuestra Señora Auxiliadora.

The mob shouted: “Abort your heterosexuality”, “Death to the macho is not a metaphor”, and “Lesbianize yourself”.

Only ten rioters were arrested, but released the next day. Beforehand, the local government had advised the population not to attend Mass on Sunday [therefore giving the rioters a free hand].

Picture: Twitter-User @dolomas, #newsYpzwnfuprf