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San Francisco: Openly Gay Deacon Under Review

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is [finally] looking into evidence demonstrating Deacon Brian Bromberger’s flagrant departure from Catholic teaching, writes California Catholic Daily (November 17).

Bromberger is an open proponent of gay-ideology. For instance, on May 20, he led a workshop at Saint Agnes parish in Haight-Ashbury focusing on “what the Church can learn from the LGBTQ community so as to revitalize her own faith.”

It is noteworthy that Bromberger is a freelanced writer who produces smutty, pornographic articles for a local gay newspaper. The archdiocese explicitly stated that these activity is not being reviewed because Bromberger does not write these articles as a deacon as if "deacon" were a mere job-describtion.

The archdiocese only expressed its wish that Bromberg "had a vehicle that was more suitable for him to earn his living from.”

Picture: Salvatore Cordileone, © American Life League, CC BY-NC, #newsAhqjtrghac
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