Not Good: Synod Document Is Projection of European Thinking Upon Amazonian Region

The Amazon Synod's working document is written mostly by a group of "German descendants” who are “not great theologians,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller told (July 5),

"It has a very European perspective and is a projection of European thinking upon the Amazonian region."

Müller stressed that the text is not in accord with basic elements of Catholic theology, especially the conception of religion, “Our Faith is based on God's Revelation” while the other religions "are made by man.”

He calls the German influence on the Synod “not good” as the German Church “is going down.”

Reflecting on the Amazon recipes, he notices that female pastors, gay pseudo-marriages, and married priests exist in Protestantism, but there the situation “is worse" than in the Church.

Asked whether he supports the “Declaration of Truths,” Müller replied, “It is all true what they said, no?”

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsSkxchhnbgr
It is from a German perspective, not a European one.
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@Carmine3 It's worst than that. He wrote a book with Gutierrez, which was published in 2013, by "Francis" (Frank), with a forword by Frank himself. Go figure: everything is a lie, a revolutionary lie
But one should not forget that Muller was a sympathizer of liberation theology in the past and a personal friend of Gutierrez. I hope he has recanted.