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Poll: Majority of Americans Say Same-Sex Relations Are OK

4 August 2011

Christianity Today reports that from 1973 to 2010, the General Social Survey (GSS) has asked Americans if they think sexual relations between same-sex couples are wrong.

Up until 2008, a majority of Americans have answered that such behavior is 'always wrong.' But the latest GSS, conducted in 2010, finds that only 46 percent of Americans hold this position.

In 1991, three-in-four Americans said homosexual relations are always wrong. By the end of the decade, this dropped to just six-in-ten.

The survey indicates a rise in acceptance of homosexuality during the following ten years, culminating in 2010 when only 46 percent of Americans said same-sex relations are ‘always wrong’.

Catholic Support of Gay Marriage

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Now I understand, why one doesn't hear the Church's teaching on this subject in the homilies.