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Famous Jesuit: Francis "Seems to Ignore" Political Islam, Is "Much too Naive". Entangled in "Contradictions"

“The Pope seems to ignore the history of Muslim conquests and the societal problems posed to Europe by political Islam”, Egyptian Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, an expert on Islam, told (January 31).

Boulad called on Francis to change his position on Islam, calling it “much too naive”.

According to the Jesuit Francis "loses sight of the serious societal problems that will arise” from mass-emigration into Europe.

Boulad points to Francis "contradictions" who asks the host countries to respect the culture of immigrants and simultaneously wants the Muslims to integrate and to respect its laws,

“It is quite difficult to reconcile these two opposite views.”

Picture: Henri Boulad, © Thaler Tamas, CC BY-SA, #newsXldsrcjqcq
Migrants as share of total population. Luxembourg: 45% Switzerland: 29% Austria: 19% Sweden: 17% Ireland: 16% Norway: 15% Germany: 14% Croatia: 13% UK: 13% Latvia: 13% Spain: 12% France: 12% Netherlands: 12% Slovenia: 11%
The Church is very confused ,Keep your faith in Jesus Christ
Francis knows what he's doing. Importing Moslems to destroy Faith and identity is a dogma he believes in, a Globalist dogma. Catholic teaching and good Catholics are objects of scorn.
He doesn't ignore anything, he is a communist revolutinary, who can appoint as Lima, one of the biggest dioceses in the world, archbishop a former guerrilla member. It's no naivité, it's jewish revolutionary spirit
Pope Francis says the fear of migration is "making us crazy". He famously has called for "bridges, not walls". After celebrating Mass in 2016 on the Mexican side of the U.S. border, he denounced anyone who wants to build a wall to keep out migrants as "not Christian".