Eucharistic Miracle In Paraguay?

A Eucharistic miracle allegedly happened in the city Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, on August 8.

According to Father Gustavo Palaces, the parish priest of Our Lady of Mercy in Valle Puku, Aregua, a consecrated host turned into a kind of dried rose petals which released a red liquid smelling of roses (Spanish video below).

This happened in the house of a prayer group. The host was in a receptacle used to bring Holy Communion to the sick.

Members of the prayer group also claimed that some time ago a Rosa Mystica image released oil which smelled of roses. The oil was used on sick people of whom several allegedly recovered.


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Miracle occurred two days ago
Whatever's in that pyx doesn't look like a "miracle". The premise itself is flawed theologically Why should Our Lord turn The Blessed Sacrament into something else AGAIN,and turn it into something not of Him? I'm not contesting it might have supernatural origin, just questioning the source. Specially since it looks nasty with a capital N.
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“One merits more by devoutly assisting at a Holy Mass than by distributing all of his goods to the poor and traveling all over the world on pilgrimage.” -St. Bernard
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