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Jesuit General: Pope Has "No Jurisdiction" For the Church Worldwide

“There is no jurisdiction for the entire Church”, Father Arturo Sosa, the superior general of the Jesuits, said to EWTN (October 15) contradicting the First Vatican Council according to which a Pope has a "universal jurisdiction for the entire Church".

But Sosa claimed that “the Pope is not the chief of the Church” but only the "bishop of Rome”.

At the same time Sosa, an admirer of Fidel Castro, is a devout follower of Francis who like a dictator is imposing on the worldwide Church his outdated liberal views.

Tesa mentioned this post in Vatican News called Francis 'Successor of Christ'.
Sense 1: Yes Sunamis 46. He does not take the true Popes seriously by contradicting the First Vatican Council of God by Pope Pius IX.

VII has already created a monster. Where their pope is no longer a monarch (like the vicar of Christ the King) but to be taken as just a bishop of rome [which is contained in their devilish documents (ever in opposition to former true councils), heard in … More
Sunamis 46
This comment seems to me,

He does not take the pope serious-
Those crusty decayed old men spewing error wrapped in obsolete psychiatric terms, like 'rigid,' of 50 years ago, are the past, but their smaller younger minions. still infest the Church.
He should be well informed of his current destination by the direction the Crucifix is facing.
I, like father Sosa, am a Venezuelan man. I know him very well, I studied in the Universidad Católica, which is run by the Jesuits. In 1978, when he was very young, Arturo Sosa wrote, in Sic magazine, the equivalent of America or Civiltà Cattolica, La mediación marxista de la fe católica, The Marxist Mediation of the Catholic Faith. He has always been, like Bergoglio, a marxist (not a peronist). … More
Joseph a' Christian
The homosexual and satanic freemason false priests, they are non-stop, babbling bullshit slingers. These queers are on a mission to destroy and deceive, as much as they can.
Jesus Is Holy.
The Devil a symbol he told ya.
Yet now he speaks through ArSosa!