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French Bishops Falsify “Our Father”

From December 3, the French Bishops will introduce a wrong translation of the Our Father. Instead of saying until now in French “and submit us not to temptation” they have made up the text, “and let us not enter into temptation.”

In the Greek original text, no connotation of “letting” is contained.

According to Bishop Marc Stenger of Troyes who dresses in casual cloths, it is not “convenient” anymore to use the correct translation. Against the grammatical facts, he claims that the original translation is “not completely correct”. In realty, the translation made up by the French Bishops is not correct.

Picture: © Etienne Valois, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsYylpmdudhi

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St Jacques 1:13
@Abramo Still, the word “conduire” in a hypothetical French “Our Father” does not sound right in French, simply because literal translations do not work or easily lose their original meaning and nuances, in this case as if God was a taxi driver in Paris or something, lol… As I explained, the current french translation using the verbe “SOUMETTRE” used since 1966 totally contradicts James 1:13. … More
@St Jacques 1:13
1. I agree

2. The Greek say: καὶ μὴ εἰσενέγκῃς ἡμᾶς εἰς πειρασμόν = "and do not lead us into temptation". Whatever translation that says something else, is wrong. The English translation is correct. I agree that "soumettre" is not a literal translation. So if the French want to correct this and offer an exact translation, they need to say: "et ne conduit pas à la … More
St Jacques 1:13
@Abramo : "et ne nous guides pas à la tentation" ??? Sounds like God is a tourist guide in French, lol. Then you say "The new version does not correspond to what the New Testament says." Please explain.
@St Jacques 1:13 : I do not see a substantial difference between "ne nous soumets pas à la tentation" and "lead us not in to temptation". I agree that the English is closer to the Greek original. So if the French bishops would want to translate more literally, they would need to say, "et ne nous guides pas à la tentation". The new version does not correspond to what the New Testament says.
St Jacques 1:13
Actually, this article got it all reversed and needs to be corrected!

The wrong translation in French (Ne nous SOUMETS pas à la tentation) was introduced in 1964 by a group of ecumenical theologians (including protestants) under the auspices of Vatican II, and officially adopted in 1966 by the entire francophone world, and has been recited by all French speakers until now.

"Ne nous SOUMETS … More