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Conservative US-Bishop Sides With German Bishops

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence Diocese, USA, posted on Twitter (May 8) his view on Protestant Communion,

“I’d much rather give Holy Communion to a sincere, baptized, non-Catholic spouse who shares our belief in the Eucharist, than to an alleged ‘Catholic’ politician who publicly and consistently promotes abortion.”

Dozens of Catholics commented critical on the post. Most of them explain the bishop, that it is “not either or but neither”.

Philip Johnson explains “simply “, “No Communion for both parties.”

Tobin is regarded as “conservative” who even celebrates the Old Latin Mass.

Picture: Thomas J. Tobin, #newsOwsqthkmeo mentioned this post in 主教:模仿垂死的新教是失败的根源.
This week Tobin celebrated a confirmation in the extraordinary form
A traditional, "conservative" Catholic would never reason or believe along the same lines as +Tobin's statement. Protestant communion? Yeah, right! Perhaps the "good" bishop forgot that the proof lies in 'lex orandi lex credendi."
An example of one of Bergoglio's pet trads, in a way worse than the usual crew, given how a sincere Catholic who scorns the fabulous Paglia and Martin etc., can be misled by someone who seems Catholic.
the deceiving is neither on the left or right ,it is just evil
Perhaps he is a relative “conservative.”
Jim Dorchak
Conservative? Says who?
Consider the sentence :"I'd much rather shoot someone than butcher them with a chainsaw" It does not necessary follow from the sentence that one would carry out or support either acts. By placing them together as a comparative he draws a parallel between the two which indicates his underlying position. In short I don't think the headline is a fair and true reflection of what he said.
False Dilemma

(also known as: all-or-nothing fallacy, false dichotomy*, the either-or fallacy, either-or reasoning, fallacy of false choice, fallacy of false alternatives, black-and-white thinking, the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, bifurcation, excluded middle, no middle ground, polarization)

Description: When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices… More
the enemy in action - picking them off one by one