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Pope Francis tells adulterer she should be allowed Communion

Jacquelina Sabetta, who is from the Pope’s home country of Argentina, wrote to him saying that she found it distressing that as a Catholic who had divorced and remarried, she was not allowed to take the Sacrament in church.

Francis reportedly told her: “A divorcee who takes communion is not doing anything wrong.”

The surprising exchange was recounted by Mrs Sabetta’s husband, Julio Sabetta, who wrote about it on his Facebook page.

The phone call from the Pope reportedly came six months after the woman wrote to him. Introducing himself as “Father Bergoglio” – a reference to his given name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio – the South American pontiff said he was sorry it had taken him so long to make the call.

When asked whether the remarks attributed to the Pope were correct, a Vatican spokesman told The Telegraph: "We would neither confirm or deny that - this was a private telephone call made by the Holy Father and we would not divulge the details."


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defendfaith 이(가) 이 게시물을 Výzva Františkovi - zmeňte kurz Cirkvi alebo odstúpte! 에 언급했습니다.
"CNN has a Vatican spokesman confirming that the call did indeed take place, but the Rev. Thomas Rosica provided no details. “It’s between the Pope and the woman,” said Rosica, a consultant for the Vatican press office"

"Today there is another story in the media causing controversy from the Vatican, a private phone call the Holy Father made to a divorcee in Argentina regarding taking communion. The Vatican is not confirming or denying the conversation since it was a private call made directly … [더보기]
Silkis Power Ranger
Today he called me again, and told me: "What I think about this topic (he referred to the call to this lady) is written in the documents written in Aparecida (the latinamerican "council"). So, go and read what is written about communion and family, it's cristal clear.
I agree, Abramo. This is an opportunity for the Vatican to clarify Catholic interpretation of Christ's view of marriage .... and divorce. The Church has an annulment process for those in illegal marriages. We don't know from this story what has, or has not, taken place in this specific case.
@Silkis Power Ranger:
That is not the answer the Pope's speaker gave to the media. Read The Telegraph:

When asked whether the remarks attributed to the Pope were correct, a Vatican spokesman told The Telegraph: “We would neither confirm nor deny that - this was a private telephone call made by the Holy Father and we would not divulge the details.”

1. He admitted that the phone-call took place ("this was a private telephone call")

2. He did not say that the Pope has never uttered such words although the confusion of the faithful arising from that matter is very big. Why was there no disclaimer?
Silkis Power Ranger
Today pope Francis called me and told me he has "nothing to do with this nonsense". "People should think it twice before publishing b***s***", he added.
According to the various Google language sections, by now there are a couple hundred articles on this topic. Why does the Vatican not stop this, if the news has no merit? Is there not enough confusion among the faithful?
adeste fideles
In an interview with Argentine radio, Lisboa said she wrote to the pope in September 2013 to ask for advice after a parish priest refused to give her Communion and allow her to confess, and wanted to know "what to do".
According to a Facebook post by Lisboa's husband Julio Sabetta, the pope spoke to Lisboa for 10 minutes about the predicament, saying "it is a concern we are addressing in the Vatican because there is nothing wrong with a divorced person receiving Communion". The pope … [더보기]
Holy Cannoli
Not enough info and, although possible, it's suspicious.

If I were the type to 'bend the rules' as pope, and if she were a friend/relative, I would tell this woman to hold tight and I'll see what I could do for her. I would then contact one of my home boys in Argentina and get it done. This public announcement is stupid and I hope the Vatican has learned from past misstatements.

Now, if someone could prove this whole story was the modernist Krauts (starting with Kasper) attempting to galvanize the peasants with pitchforks in anticipation of the family synod later this year, that, to me, would be more plausible.
Dr Bobus
I wonder whether Papa Bergoglio gave the woman the impression he was giving the OK even though he wasn't. Another Who am I to judge? moment.

From what little I've read about him as a bishop, he was non confrontational, avoiding controversy.
Revelations of Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich
April 12, 1820
“I had another vision of the great tribulation. It seems to me that a concession was demanded from the clergy which could not be granted. I saw many older priests, especially one, who wept bitterly. A few younger ones were also weeping. But others, and the lukewarm among them, readily did what was demanded. It was as if people were splitting into two camps …”
Until tonight (or tomorrow, if you are in Europe), this news will have a couple thousand news items on google.com - and the Vatican officially refuses to comment. This is not acceptable.
I agree with you Dr Bobus.
Dr Bobus
Even if the story is not true, there's little doubt that Pope Francis has set himself for such situations.

The famous football coach Argentine Julio Sabetta gave an interview to the sports channel this is the Spanish Video


@Holy Cannoli:

If this is all nothing, why then did the Vatican give an answer and why was the answer not a disclaimer?
Holy Cannoli
So some guy writes on his FaceBook page that the pope said it was OK for his divorced and remarried wife to receive the Eucharist and there is no independent confirmation of the call?


How about if I write on my FaceBook page that Pope Francis called me and made me a Cardinal over the phone. He told me that I would have all of the privileges and honors of being a Cardinal along with the ability to appoint bishops independently of any outside fellow clerics or any approval from Rome.

My … [더보기]
Prof. Leonard Wessell
In fact the article does not give enough information. If a person becomes divorced within the legal context of a given state, this does not affect the sacramental status. A person so legally divorced (and let us say the reasons are good, e.g., the spouse is sadistically cruel), said person is a "divorcee". The word itself does not imply remarriage. Catholic teaching entails two factors: 1. divorce and 2. remarriage of the person divorced. So, without more contextual information, I cannot say … [더보기]
I hope and pray that this is not true. What could we do with a Pope who puts himself against the Gospel. The answer of the Vatican spokesman is for sure unsatisfactory and irresponsible.